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While finding container ships for sale due to companies going out of business isn’t a daily occurrence just yet, we can’t exactly deny that maritime commerce is no longer as safe as it used to be. Fraud in the industry is a rising issue, and dealing with things like maritime commerce require vigilant client protection.

Are container ships for sale a common scam?

While outright fraud such as offering fake papers on fake ships are not as common as you might assume, faked cargo documents are sadly very common. Fake bills of landing are particularly common, and they often very closely match legitimate documents- you will battle to be able to tell them apart. These documents can be very convincing. Protect yourself by taking proactive steps to assure yourself that you know- and trust- the chain of custody that documents take to get to you. If using local shipping agents, make sure you are happy working with them. Watch out for repeated errors, inconsistencies across paperwork and other disturbing phenomena and halt shipping operations immediately until you can investigate the matter further. Try to trade only with partners you know and trust.

Are there scams over RORO for sale?

Sadly, RORO for sale are not exempt from fraud either. Fake cargo sale scams are common. These will often use genuine bills of landing altered to suite, or incredibly convincing fakes that copy corporate logos, document styles and use real details of uninvolved parties to add to the conviction of the scam they are running. Don’t assume they won’t be well informed about the shipment, either. They will study the routes of common RORO for sale ships, anything to make them more convincing. What they will be offering is the RORO cargo on the vessel- a phantom payment that will, of course, require you to pay directly. It’s a scam that needs a lot of social engineering, and scamsters put serious work into it. You will need to do a lot of checking to catch them out. However, watch out for deals that sound too good to be true- they usually are. More details in this site.

What other container scams are there?

One last, very popular container scam involving ship sale and purchase hinges on portraying a container as containing different goods then the reality. This can, of course, have effects from ‘simply’ loosing revenue, to actually entangling you with the law should the container be smuggling immigrants, drugs and more. As this scam can literally carry criminal charges- no matter how innocent you really are- it is absolutely critical that you do everything possible to protect yourself from these scams. Check cargo manifests, cargo contents, originating packer and everything else you can do to ensure your shipment is a legitimate, safe container with no dubious activity.

Overall, safety from scams is essential to maintain in the shipping industry. Ship sale and purchase agreements conducted through trusted partners, legitimate firms and at rewarding cost are essential to stay safe in the industry.

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