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Catch the Wave – New Maritime Jobs are on the Rise!
new maritime jobs

NEW YORK, NY. – Have you ever dreamed of a career aboard a commercial fishing or patrol vessel? Does the thought of enjoying a nautical related career seem perfect for you? Well, now is the time to pursue the profession of your dreams. Several sectors in the marine industry are expanding, creating many new job opportunities for boat captains and supporting staff.

All American Marine (AAM), located in Bellingham, Washington is a leading manufacturer of several different types of boats, including high speed passenger ferries, work vessels and fishing boats. They have been in business since 1987 and suffered through the slow economic downturn of the last few years, but this year business started to improve dramatically.

AAM’s President, Matt Mullet, reports that they had a backlog of orders for new vessels at the beginning of 2010 and have already had several new orders this year. They now have plenty of work to keep them busy all the way through 2011. It seems that the fishing sector is starting to rebound. Consumers are beginning to have extra money in their budget to buy fresh fish again even though the prices for fish are going up. Capital construction funds are also beginning to mature, increasing the interest in new types of fishing vessels to meet the consumers’ demand.read full blog post at http://dubaiyachtco.com/box-shipping-industry-will-never-be-the-same/.

Another marine sector that Mullet has noticed taking off this year is passenger vessel service. With more and more cars on the road, traffic congestion is at an all time high. People are looking for alternate methods of transportation to get where they need to go. For communities served by rivers and canals, commuting by boat is a much more relaxing and scenic option. AAM has received several orders for these types of boats from new owners who would like to start up new passenger vessel services.

AAM also has a line of vessels built for survey and research. Oceanographic survey and research remained unaffected by the recent economic recession, but Mullet is projecting that the demand for these types of vessels – and the jobs that go along with them – will increase to deal with supporting offshore oil fields and wind farms.

Another boating manufacturer, Bollinger Shipyard, has 12 different facilities on the coastline between Houston, Texas and New Orleans, Louisiana. Their company builds military patrol boats, as well as vessels that support offshore oil field industries. They had a tough year in 2009 but things have been completely different in 2010. They are now running at a backlog with orders for several tank barges and next generation tugboats.

Each of these new boats will require well-trained staff to operate them. Now is the time to begin training for a new career in the marine industry so you can be among them! Sea School has been training students to excel in maritime careers since 1977, so you can trust them to provide all the education you’ll need to get started. They offer over 40 different US Coast Guard approved courses, and are experts at helping you understand everything you need to know about the Coast Guard’s licensing & regulation requirements and commercial vessel operations.This website  http://www.nautisnp.com has plenty of helpful information inside.

new maritime jobs

Director of Sea School’s New York office, Felicia Navarro, has reported a sharp increase in the number of new students registering in their entry level captains classes. Sea School will ensure that all their students are ready and well trained by the time these new boat orders are delivered. Navarro encourages anyone interested to register as soon as possible because their classes are filling up more quickly than she has ever seen before.

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