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Top legal issues of international sale and purchase of ships


There are some legal issues about ships for sale internationally. This is because of many different issues that are encountering each and every day. Before you can even consider buying a ship for sale, internationally, you need to know as much about these top legal issues as possible. This is the only way that you can make sure that you are doing everything legally.

The legality of the ship owner

Before you can even consider buying ships for sale, internationally, you need to make sure about the legality of the ship owner. This is because you need to prove that you have bought a ship from a legit owner when you are importing and exporting a ship that you have bought.…

Why It’s Recommended Shipping Your Car As RORO

roroWhen moving overseas it can be quite an ordeal to decide what type of container ships for sale. When you are shipping your house hold items such as furniture and dishes and other items that you need renting a container is the probably the best way to ship. All of your items will be loaded into this container and sealed and shipped to whatever port that is closest to where you are relocating. These containers are air tight and sealed to keep out the dust or moisture to assure that your valuables are safe.

Moving Your Vehicles

Many people will recommend moving your vehicles on a ship that has RORO for sale.…

5 things you need to know about ship sale & purchase deal


Selling and buying is the most crucial part of marketing or running up a business. Especially if it’s matter of ships sale & purchase then for sure you need extra care and knowledge. If the case is you going to make a deal about ships then 5 things you need to know about ship sale & purchase deal.

5 things you need to know about ship sale & purchase deal:

The most crucial 5 things you need to know about ship sale & purchase deal embrace:

1. Crucial knowledge:

There are something’s that you ought to know if you are going to make a ship deal.…

5 things to look in a ship sale & purchase website


Online bidding is much better. But sometime it can give you a dumb thumb if you will not make bid after some research and through reliable sites. In digital world and on internet you can find wide variety of options for making deal. But it’s somewhat difficult to analyze which one is reliable and which one is not. In the meanwhile you need 5 things to look in a ship sale & purchase website in order to make a right deal.

Reviews about ship sale & purchase website:

The very first thing that can help you if you keep an eye on it is reviews about the ship sale & purchase website.…

3 Best Online ship sale & purchase website


In this digital world you can find number of offline/online sites for ship sale & purchase. Online ship sale & purchase are considered to be much convenient because of its number of facets. Online ship sale & purchase sites lets you to get depth of information without any fatigue and hectic. Moreover, you don’t have to travel far for only getting information. Through ship sale & purchase online sites you can make your good deal while sitting in your home having a hot cup of tea in your hand.

3 Best Online ship sale & purchase website:

When you make a Google search, with fortune you can get a wide variety of option for making ship sale & purchase deal.…

Are you looking for container Ships for Sale?


Are you the one who is wandering for container Ships for Sale? Do you want to get sheer information about container ships for sale? Then go through this article you will get the right answer. Container Ships for Sale can be found on various online/offline sites. You can bid a good deal if you choose a right spot. There are some mandatory precautions, critical pints and information that you should keep in mind if you are you looking for container Ships for Sale.

Mandatory precautions for the one who are looking for container Ships for Sale:

There are some mandatory precautions that you have to keep in mind if you are looking for container ships for sale.…

Container Shipping Calculator


It’s hard enough to try to figure out how much it is going to cost to ship a container to or from an overseas destination. There are many variables involved, even if all you want to do is ship 20 foot container of household goods from New York to someplace in Europe. Now imagine if you want to ship 10,000 bottles of water to or from Shanghai and you are trying to figure out just how much that will add to the cost of each bottle of water. It’s not just a matter of dividing up the entire bill by ten thousand.…

Catch the Wave – New Maritime Jobs are on the Rise!


NEW YORK, NY. – Have you ever dreamed of a career aboard a commercial fishing or patrol vessel? Does the thought of enjoying a nautical related career seem perfect for you? Well, now is the time to pursue the profession of your dreams. Several sectors in the marine industry are expanding, creating many new job opportunities for boat captains and supporting staff.

All American Marine (AAM), located in Bellingham, Washington is a leading manufacturer of several different types of boats, including high speed passenger ferries, work vessels and fishing boats. They have been in business since 1987 and suffered through the slow economic downturn of the last few years, but this year business started to improve dramatically.…

Box Shipping Industry Will Never Be the Same


Pity the poor shipper. His super star status has been turned upside down. That line of carriers beating a path to his door for a whiff of freight has evaporated. A seemingly endless supply of containers and space is a distant memory. And, as the ultimate insult to injury, our poor shipper is paying more than twice to move a container this year over last. Whoever said you get what you pay for could not possibly have experienced the container shipping industry.

The market rewards scarcity; even industry-made scarcity. The reduced supply of capacity through idled tonnage and slow steaming initiatives has perhaps worked too well.…

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