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While finding container ships for sale due to companies going out of business isn’t a daily occurrence just yet, we can’t exactly deny that maritime commerce is no longer as safe as it used to be. Fraud in the industry is a rising issue, and dealing with things like maritime commerce require vigilant client protection.

Are container ships for sale a common scam?

While outright fraud such as offering fake papers on fake ships are not as common as you might assume, faked cargo documents are sadly very common. Fake bills of landing are particularly common, and they often very closely match legitimate documents- you will battle to be able to tell them apart.…

Has Container Shipping Become a Commodity?


Container ships for sale!There were a time when water carriers fashioned themselves seeing that providers of premium, door-to-door travel. Not anymore. After that first flush of intermodalism from the late 1970s and early ’80s, the big pot lines shed their stack-train as well as inland transport units. Now, they exited the chassis business and possessed been selling off their desire for marine terminal operations.

What is left?

Huge, slow ships that travel from port to port, ferrying the particular containers of multiple traces in space-sharing arrangements that muddle the distinctions between nominal rivals. Moreover, with regards to service, conjure up that dreaded word: commodity.…

4 Things to consider For Tanker Boats


Container ships for sale often have some of the main issues with the typical boat. They often have some damages involved and some upkeep in order to provide the quality of product delivery that would often be relied on for a ton of products and even in some cases, their own livelihood. While purchase tankers for sale are often large-scale purchases, there are some minor repairs that could always have an effect on the situation. These are some things to consider when a person is dealing with a ship sale that can drastically alter the amount of money the person might be able to make.…

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