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Why It’s Recommended Shipping Your Car As RORO

roroWhen moving overseas it can be quite an ordeal to decide what type of container ships for sale. When you are shipping your house hold items such as furniture and dishes and other items that you need renting a container is the probably the best way to ship. All of your items will be loaded into this container and sealed and shipped to whatever port that is closest to where you are relocating. These containers are air tight and sealed to keep out the dust or moisture to assure that your valuables are safe.

Moving Your Vehicles

Many people will recommend moving your vehicles on a ship that has RORO for sale. This is space on a designated vessel to store your automobiles. Many car manufacturers have their cars transported overseas by vessels as RORO or roll on roll off. With these ships being designed to haul vehicles the hull of the ship is secured for their transport. The vehicles are driven into the hull of the ship and secured in place. When the ship arrives at the port, your vehicle is driven off of the ship. The entire time it is being transported it is totally indoors and is not being exposed to the salt water or any other elements in the air.

Why Is RORO Better Than Containers For Your Car?

  • The price to ship RORO is cheaper than getting a container
  • The RORO parking area is designed for your car where a container is designed for regular freight
  • Your car is handled less, it is driven on and secured in place and then driven off
  • Vehicles shipped RORO are inside of the ship and do get water or debris damage

Moving Overseas

With a move this far and over the waters, it can be trying to find ships for sale. Not all ships are designed the same or haul the same type of freight. Many of them haul containers that are designed for general freight but not as many are available to haul your automobile in RORO fashion. Make sure to allow yourself plenty of time to find and schedule in a reservation upon a ship so your car can have a ride overseas and not have to be left behind. Your furniture and personal items may have to be shipped separately in a container that gets sealed and delivered to a port closest to your destination.

Using a container to haul your vehicles in may sometimes be necessary. This is a bit more costly and containers are not designed to protect your automobiles. If you are locating oversees and have other things such as furniture to ship you might be better off to ship your car along with the rest of your belongings. There are also certain ports that will only receive containers and are not equipped for a vehicle to be driven off onto the docks. Be sure to check with your representative and see what is available for your ship sale and purchases that you might need during your relocation.

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